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Many of our previously satisfied customers have labelled our carpentry skills as unsurpassable because of the high quality decking projects we have completed in the Northern Beaches’ area. We pride ourselves on building beautiful decks in any shape or size and where yet to find a customer that has not been astounded by the impeccable workmanship found within our completed decking projects.

IIf you need a Northern Beaches’ Carpenter to build a high quality commercial or residential deck then it is definitely time to give us a call. We’ve been building immaculate decks for more than 10 years and all of our workmanship is 100% guaranteed. Although Carpenter Northern Beaches enjoys nothing more than working with high quality timbers we can also build commercial and residential decks from artificial composite materials too. 

Northern Beaches Outdoor Decking

hese advanced pre compressed materials are a lot more durable and wear resistant than standard treated decking timber and also last a lot longer too. The only drawback is the increased expense to create a deck solely from these materials. The finished results can look amazingly life-like and most people will never be able to tell the difference between decking made from composite materials or decking made from timber.

If you’ve been looking for a carpenter to build decking in the Northern Beaches then look no further…


lthough we build outdoor decking from composite materials we actually build most of our Northern Beaches’ decking projects from high treated timber ensuring that the grain contained within the timber decking surface runs perpendicular to the decking fasteners. This ensures that the decking planks are more resistant to splitting and remain in their beatific natural state for much longer. It also alleviates uneven cupping of the decking surfaces and prevents the edges of your decking planks from flaring up.

Your new deck could increase the value of your property by as much as 5 times what is cost to build the actual deck

Secrets of Building a Good Deck

Decking under Construction
Our professional Northern Beaches’ Carpenters understand the intricacies involved with wooden decking planks and we consistently build & complete decking projects of the highest caliber. We always ensure our decking boards are fitted the right side up and by doing so we reduce the water damage that can occur on decking planks if they are fitted the wrong way. Understanding these intricacies hidden within wooden decking timber is the difference between an outdoor deck that looks good for six months, or six years.

Using the Right Decking Fasteners

Pool Decking
Carpenter Northern Beaches ensures that all of the fasteners utilised throughout the construction of our decks are correctly matched to the treated timber in use. This helps to prevent premature corrosion that can occur if deck fastening bolts are coated with the incorrect materials. Structural damage and deck failure can occur if a zinc coated fastening bolts are used in certain types of treated wood as the copper used to treat the timber can react with the zinc coating on the fasteners and cause premature corrosion. We always ensure that our decking fasteners are correctly matched to the type of treated decking timber we are using.

All of our Northern Beaches Decking Workmanship is performed with care and is always 100% guaranteed…

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